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This category is completely dedicated to writing blogs. Use this section, if you like to write blogs/articles on any project which you have already implemented or topics in general. You can describe your blogs/articles with the help of diagrams and pictures.

News Feeds

This section of the forum is completely dedicated to News about Electronics & Embedded Systems. The news/topics available in this section are curated from third-party websites via RSS feeds. When you click on any one of the news/topics in this category, you will be redirected to a third-party website where you can read the full news. By default, replay is disabled for topics in this category. If you have any queries regarding any of the news/topics in this category, create a new topic with the link to the news/topic.

New Ideas and Prototypes

A board completely dedicated to show or ask questions related to your ideas and unfinished projects. Here, you may ask questions related to new ideas/projects or showcase your completed projects with the help of pictures or videos.

Digital Circuit Designs

A section entirely dedicated for logics and digital circuit design. All questions regarding logics implementations and design of digital circuit can be asked here in this category. You may use pictures and diagram to raise your questions.

Analog and Mixed Signal Circuit Design

This section is completely dedicated to the design of digital and mixed signal circuits. You may use this section if your question is about oscillators, amplifiers, and so on.


This section of the forum is completely dedicated to programming and interfacing microcontrollers. This section is not limited to any one particular microcontrollers rather its covers all the sections and varieties of microcontrollers. You may ask questions related to all types of microcontrollers and development board

Embedded Linux and RTOS

This section completely dedicated to Embedded Linux, Driver development, Application development and Real-Time operating system (RTOS). You may even post your questions here in this section, if it is related to Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone or any other linux development board. All questions related to device drivers and application development for linux operating system are discussed here. The programming language discussed here is not limited to any one particular language rather it covers all variates of language available. This section also covers questions related to working of Real-Time Operating System and its development.


This section is dedicated to programing and programming languages. This section is not limited any one particular languages. It covers all programming language as well as scripting languages.

Mathematics and Physics

This section is completely dedicated for topics regarding Mathematics and Physics.


Post any interesting off-topic subjects such as climate change, Globalization, Trends in Technology, etc.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

General Electronics

The perfect place to strengthen your electronics basics. All question regarding electronics basics must be asked here. Post your question in this category if,