Agri tech thing. To controll motor from phone any where

Hi , I need a simple and best design with which we can controll agriculture field motor from any where through our smartphone.features like Power on off , is water coming or not , set timer , etc in app … Please help

Hi. I think to develop this project you may use an Arduino and any GSM/GPRS Module with 3G/4G support. You have get a SIM card for the GSM/GPR Module.

Once you have connected the GSM/GPR module to Arduino, you can program the Arduino to receive SMS commands from any mobile. Based on the received command you can turn on/off motor/timer. You may also respond to the command by sending SMS from the module to your mobile phone.

If you think SMS is expensive then you may use the modules GPRS feature to establish a communication link. But for that, you have to establish a server - client link between the GPRS module and your phone.

Which type of arduino should i use and please elaborate the process dude in arduino method please

With the help of esp 8266 module u can do this project .u can create a app from blynkit software from that u can give a signal to esp module the output of the esp module can give to the relay .relay can use as optocoupler

I don’t think so. The ESP8266 is not helpful for this project because you can’t expect a wifi connection in the middle of an agriculture field. If @ch_nik_n_l_p_tl have a wifi router near the area where he plans to implement the project, then he may use the esp8266. Else, better to go with the GSM module.

U can use esp 8266 with A7672s module by using both of them u can complete the project

The A7672S is a GSM/LTE module. It doesn’t matter which controller he is going to use, what matters is how to establish communication between module and client app.

Very very sorry for late response. You can use any arduino module, if your application code won’t go lengthy. Its better to use the Arduino UNO board and SIM800C Module (You may choose other modules also).

Here is a simple code establish communication between an SIM800C Module and an Arduino. The code includes all the necessary components to establish a server-client connection between the Arduino, the SIM800C module, and the Blynk app, and to send and receive messages between the Arduino and the Blynk app.

But you have to edit this code to add your own features

Note: The code is not properly tested. Requesting members to test the code and confirm/update the code if anybody have SIM800C or equivalent module.

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#include <BlynkSimpleSIM800.h>

// Replace with your own values
#define PIN "1234"
#define APN "your-apn"
#define PHONE_NUMBER "+11234567890"
#define BLYNK_AUTH "your-blynk-auth-token"

// Virtual pin to use for sending and receiving messages
#define VPIN V1

// SoftwareSerial object to communicate with SIM800C module
SoftwareSerial sim800c(8, 9); // RX, TX

void setup() {
  Blynk.begin(sim800c, BLYNK_AUTH);

  // Unlock SIM card with PIN
  Blynk.setConfig(APN, PIN);

void loop() {
  // Run Blynk's event loop to handle communication with the server;

  // Check for incoming messages from the Blynk app
  if (Blynk.available()) {
    // Read incoming message from the Blynk app
    String message = Blynk.readString();

    // Print incoming message to the serial port
    Serial.println("Received message from Blynk app: " + message);

  // Check for user input from the serial port
  if (Serial.available()) {
    // Read user input from the serial port
    String message = Serial.readString();

    // Send message to the Blynk app
    Blynk.virtualWrite(VPIN, "Arduino says: " + message);

Hey there, if your project is yet to be done, I can develop the project. We also have small to medium scale production capacity. We are a group of experienced R&D engineers. we have a strict testing and quality control regime. If interested please reach back.