Arduino different tasks at the same time

Hello. Is there a way to perform two different tasks simultaneously in Arduino?

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Could you elaborate on this issue? What tasks would you like your Arduino to perform?

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There is no way to process two tasks at the same time on Arduino, but if you divide the time into small chunks, it looks like you are doing two tasks at the same time. Please refer to the following site. Overview | Multi-tasking the Arduino - Part 1 | Adafruit Learning System

That’s not true. Actually their is a way to multi task on Arduino board. You could download the FreeRTOS port for Arduino from the repository. But scope of it is minimal in boards like UNO and nano. But its more flexible on Arduino Mega and ESP32. If you want to develop large multi tasking and real time application using Arduino, then I will suggest ESP32 and FreeRTOS port.