Arduino UNO and Arduino Mega

A few days ago I was thinking about using a Stone touch screen as well as Raspberry Pi to control the robotic arm, but I think a normal robotic arm is not interesting, so I decided to use 3D printing to make the robotic arm. I found an open-source 3D printed robotic arm from Google, I see this schematic shows the robot arm needs to be controlled by Arduino Mega first and then by Raspberry Pi. And I was wondering if it is still possible to operate the robotic arm without the Arduino mega? Such as Arduino UNO.


Yes, you can replace the Arduino mega with an Arduino UNO. But you have to properly port the code from mega to Uno. You have to analyse why Arduino mega was used instead of uno.

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I think it’s because the mega has more memory and the uno has less storage space.

Nevermind 3d arm make 3d printer with ardu. Mega and ramps. I can help to you. Buy p3 steel parts and make your printer. Chose icluded 2z axes option.

I was looking for open-source resources that I could use, and I saw one, but it would take me a long time to print about 47 parts.