Blinking a LED on a breadboard from STM32F103RB nucleo board

Hello Dears,

I use an STM32F103RB. I have recently learned some ways to blink a led (the one that is on the Nucleo board). Today I want to blink a given led from a breadboard.

I have tried but it does not work at all and I want to know what is going on and how I can fix it.

To better illustrate my wiring, note that : I have used a resistance of 270 ohm, The blue wire is connected on the ground pin of the nucleo board to the negative of my breadboard, a brown wire is connected from the PA3 of the pin number 37 the resistance on my breadboard



In STM32F103RB Nucleo boards the Pin PA2 and PA3 are used to target UART2 communication between STM32 and ST-LINK MCU, in order to support virtual COM port. It’s better to use another pin for blinking the LED.

Go through the user manual of your Nucleo board (Section 6.8).

Thanks I’ll go for it.

The led is blinking. Thanks @Prototype

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