Choosing an electric motor for RC boat

Hello, I have a question regarding the selection of an electric motor for rc boats. I want to build a boat with dimensions of 60 x 30 x 10 cm. Its weight will be a maximum of 10 kg. The point is for the engine to run continuously for 12 hours (not at high speed but medium speed) and not to overheat. And now the second question is: what batteries should I choose for this? I will also use solar panels. Thanks all for helpful


If you want to move weight of 10Kg then you have to buy a motor and propeller which can generate at least 10Kg of thrust. If you have additional payload, then the motor should compensate that weight too. If you don’t need much speed then choose with low Kv ratings. The type of battery depends on the motor specifications, which you about to buy. The battery should be lithium polymer battery.