Digital input/output and Analog input/output from stm32


Is there anyone who can tell me which STM32 development board has both digital i/o and analog i/o?

I didn’t get you. Do you mean STM board with both input and output, digital and analog pins?

Yes Sir, Thtat’s it.

I know of a model that these have.

Thank you for your response but it is not a STM32 family.

I think most of the STM32 boards has all these features, but I am not sure. You have to look for digital i/o pins, ADC and PWM or DAC in your development board. I think most of the F4 series has these features. You can confirm this with the Reference manual. If you have STM32CubeIDE you can confirm this by selecting your desired Nucleo board from the list.

Ok, I Will check it …Thanks

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