Does micropython support if-else condition?

I have a machine like a 3D printer and it is my goal to have it running using a Raspberry pi pico. If not then a raspberry pi Zero, and was wondering if I can use the common language of if and them.

What is if and them programming? Do you mean, does micropython supports if then else condition?

Yes sir… this will be my first time programming in my life, so I honestly don’t know that much about codding… your help is greatly appreciated… thank you for taking the time to answer! best regards!!

Hi Mark,

All the programing language supports the if-else condition. If something is missing, you can always implement it. That’s the advantage of programming language. You can start learning micropython without any worries.

Thank you very much… Honestly never have done any programming, but I have done tons of CNC work, I do hope that is worth something… and if you don’t mind, I would appreciate if you give me a link to any videos that show how to program… best of luck.

If you looking for a good course for learning micropython, then go to the link below.[email protected]_tQuC6MlrvZo31NFsNcfZtxYhRurVfwwcVYNC6WH1l6NxPiZcPDyryRUkv/