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E Waste Management Machine

Hey Guys me and my IP teacher were discussing a machine to manage E-waste in our city for the design I thought firstly there’d be like the master Conveyor belt where you dump all the ewaste there will be another conveyor belt besides it and there would be a strong magnet attached to it so the metallic waste will be pulled on to the second belt the problem I’m facing is that I need a sensor
That can detect and differentiate between various kinds ot ewastes in order to seperate it figuring out how to separate it would be easy but about the sensor I’m stuck could you guys suggest any sensors?

Hi Danny,

What are you going to separate from what? E-wastes are complex and it’s management too. So seperating them is pretty complex, given what yo are going to separate. I am not sure if there are any sensors for identifying materials from e-wastes.

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