Esp32 hang any suggestions

I am using esp32 controller but somewhere in the middle of the code it hang it will not print anything in the serial print just it hangs after restart it again start working why it’s hang? Any suggestions

You probably missed some code. Either a pointer that got out of place, if you are working with low power modes. If you implemented a watchdog…

If you can, please share your code ,you might be using some code blocking functions or your board is simply malfunctioning as i never saw a problem like this one.

Ok i have seen the problem when I was starting in electronics

When you r drawing more current for the GPIO pin
This will happen

If this happens more the bord will burn out
I have damaged a lot of ESP bord

If this is not possible one more problem

Something should be wrong in code

I am not using development board I am using module in my pcb board may be it’s code side any problem

Can you share it
And the PCB digram