Esp32 with solar panel power

In my project I am giving power through solar panel to a esp32 I am using 3.3v regulator it’s threshold also less that’s why esp getting power at 1.8v then it’s start printing in the serial monitor some garbage value but after that esp get hanged some. Where it will not turn on only after that


Verify that the 3.3V voltage regulator is functioning correctly and can provide a stable 3.3V output, even with varying input voltages. You may need to use a capacitor to smooth out voltage fluctuations. If the regulator’s dropout voltage is too high, you might want to consider using a low-dropout (LDO) regulator or a switching regulator (like a buck converter) to ensure a stable output voltage for the ESP32.

Ensure that the ESP32 is receiving the correct power-up sequence. If the voltage increases too slowly, it might cause the ESP32 to enter an undefined state. Try adding a capacitor to the reset pin of the ESP32 to help stabilize the power-up sequence.

Also, The ESP32 has a built-in brownout detector that triggers a reset when the supply voltage drops below a certain threshold. If the brownout detector is too sensitive, it can cause the ESP32 to reset continuously. You can try adjusting the brownout detection level in the ESP32 settings or disabling it completely, but this might make your system less reliable under low-voltage conditions.

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