Finding online job for freshers

I am an electrical engineer fresh graduate till now I couldn’t find any job. I am interested in electronics in general from zero until it’s a full product. I like to design PCB’s and so on I have a good background in electronics but it’s not enough to find a job. I need experience, so how can I get this experience without attending any company even internships it’s hard to find nowadays.

So my question is how can you advise me to start my career.

Thank you

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It’s okay if you didn’t get a job soon after college. The best thing you can do as a beginner is build up your skills. There are all kinds of tools and tutorials available online to build your skills. If you are willing to pay, there are several courses available in Udemy for electronics and embedded system. All you have to do is just focus on building your skills.

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Thank you so much for your response. I already joined 2 online courses trying to build my skills and my knowledge. But I am sure that nothing is like the life experience job there you can learn more and more.

Thank you for your advice. I really appreciate already working on it.

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Glad to know that you are already working on building your skills. It’s okay to forget about the job for some time. Just focus on building your skills and confidence. You will have your time.

Good Luck!