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Help with a charge management circuit

hello fellows,
I need some help with a charge management circuit, the MCP73833, I share the the circuit design, i don’t understand but he doesn’t supply the right voltage.

That’s not the right way to provide information. What do you mean by right voltage? How much voltage is the right voltage? How do you know? How can we know what this means?

Please provide maximum info.

Fellow thank for your answer.
First of all sorry for the incomplete information and the inconvinience.
The right voltage should be based in the microchip datasheet fixed with four available options: 4.20V, 4.35V, 4.40V and 4.50V, available for the MCP73833 component. In the Output pin Vbat, the voltage shoud be situated in that range of values. unfortunately it was not, but I already detected the problem, I soldered the component again and I already got the desired value

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Hey Biza,

Glad you fixed your problem! Also, thank you for providing extra information about the problem you had.
Lucky the issue was just faulty soldering :wink: