How long can I run a nodemcu?

How long can I run a nodemcu continuously powering? It’s also bit heating. I also provide heating also. Can anyone help me? pls

Actually, an ESP8266 can run for years if configured properly. For that, you have to reduce the power consumption of ESP8266. There are several ways to do reduce power consumption. One way is by force enter ESP to deep sleep when idle. Nowadays all microcontroller comes with deep sleep features. All you have to do is, enable it when needed.

I can’t figure out why your nodemcu is heating because you have not shared any details other than ‘It’s also bit heating’. Share more details like schematics, code, etc.

I didn’t get what do you mean by this statement.

Sorry I mean heat sink

Circuit is very simple I give 5v 2a to nodemcu vin and Gnd…

It’s normal for nodemcu module to heat up slightly. If you are confident about your schematics, then I think the heating may due to the clock frequency. At what clock frequency your nodemcu is clocked?

You can give up to 6V to the Vin pin. It’s completely fine to use a 5V input supply. But, the nodemcus are not 5V tolerant. Make sure there are appropriate voltage regulator on your sensors, if not use a logic level shifter.

Do you have a separate power supply for any of your sensors or modules?