How to choose between Arduino and Raspberry Pi?


Currently, I am working on a project based on train collision avoidance system using IoT and RFID. For a simple prototype design, which board is more convenient as a beginner?
The block diagram for the unit inside the train and also unit at the railway cross gate is attached hereby.

In this project what we are aiming to do is to give an effective solution to avoid train collision. RFID tags are attached to the track and each time the RFID reader inside the train read this unique number which is sent to a base station and if two trains are on the same track then the base station immediately sends this message to the train and immediate braking action is initiated. In case the internet is down then I am planning to use an RF transciever for direct communication between the trains.

The other unit is the one that will be installed at the railway cross gates. Here I am planning to use a camera along with an LDR module to make the whole system at the railway cross gate unmanned.

          1. Block diagram for unit inside the train

         2. Block diagram for unit at the railway cross gate

         3. Circuit diagram for unit inside the train

        4. Circuit diagram for unit at the railway cross gate


Hi, Let me make this clear for you, Arduino and Raspberry Pi are two entirely different worlds. I can put forward a hundred reasons to justify it. For simplicity lets consider four reasons,

Computational Power:
The computational power of an Arduino UNO board is far low when compared with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. The Arduino is clocked at 16Mhz where the Pi is clocked at 900Mhz and it can be overclocked to 1 GHz with ease.

Memory ( RAM ):
Arduino has only got 2kb RAM whereas Pi has got a whopping 1 Gb RAM

Power Consumption:
Since Pi has a large computational power, it consumes more power. So the power consumption of Pi is comparatively higher than Arduino boards.

The cost of Pi is much higher than that of any Arduino boards. This is simply because of the above-mentioned reasons.

The point I am trying to make here is simple. Whether you need an Arduino or Pi, is entirely dependent on your application. For instance, if you doing a project which monitors the level of LPG gas in your kitchen, then an Arduino mini is more than enough. Instead, if you are designing a device to live stream video, then Arduino won’t be enough.

In your application, you are planning to use a camera. Arduino doesn’t have enough computational power to process images or videos, so you need a Raspberry Pi to work out this problem. The first block diagram can be implemented with Arduino whereas the second block diagram needs a Pi.