How to choose the right wifi/bluetooth module?

When I first purchased the LCD I was given the option to configure wifi/bluetooth module or not, and since I really didn’t need to use the module at that time so I didn’t choose it, but I need it now, so I need to buy the module and solder it myself.
I read its data sheet and found nothing about the wifi module. Does anyone have any idea which one I should buy?
Here is the photo:

and the adasheet is uploding as an attachment.
Datasheet STONE STWI070WT-01.pdf (1.0 MB)

If it’s not in the datasheet, then you shouldn’t go for it. Sometimes the company design the PCB board in such a way that it can be multi-purposed. They may use the same PCB for other LCD versions as well. They may add/remove fuses to incorporate extra peripherals. It’s better, contact the vendor or do it at your own risk.

Ok, thank you very much for your advice, I will give up soldering myself, I am going to put the project on hold for a while, after that I will be buying a brand new Stone HMI with wifi/Bluetooth module.

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