How to learn raspberry pi as a beginner

Hello …
I would like to learn raspberry pie.But as a beginner I could not find the lead.Can you just help me?

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Hello @syntax_error
First of all you need to have your own raspberry pi. I recommend you to have the latest RPi 3 with built in wifi and bluetooth. Second you need to have some knowledge about linux and its basic terminal commands. Third, any one programming or scripting language such as C or Python.

The below link will help you to start setup your pi:

If you are opting for headless setup (one with no monitor and keyboard ). Preferable, if you don’t have additional monitor or keyboard. Then, follow:

Best of Luck!!

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Thank you for helping me out. I am having an older model of Raspberry Pi.Is that okay?

Thats not a problem at all, if you are not into high resource intense projects. For beginners, Model A is more than enough.


I alway learn from gadgetronicx

and you can apply for a raspberry pi 3 free from Allchips. Then to learn hard.

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