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How to perform a analog and digital supply with voltage regulator?

Hello friends,

I have a project to make a digital and an analog supply with different voltage values for an ADC component (started from unique voltage 3.7V), so the best way I know is by using two voltage regulators. So I have bought two regulator’s with a needed tension, the TPS73033DBVR and TPS73018DBVR. Can anyone help me to make rails with AVDD and AGND, DVDD and DGND?

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Hello @Biza,

You just need help to create a circuit that can produce an analog signal at different voltage levels to test an ADC converter circuit, am I right?

If not, would you mind sharing some details about the whole circuit, like what ADC circuit you are using, etc… (if you have some basic schematic or diagram about your idea, that will make things easier for us to help you)

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Hello @Alex,
You are right, yes I am trying to supply an ADC converter circuit, this circuit is tested in a breath board, and i need to create two supply rails voltages one with 3.3V and the other with 1.8V, with the respective grounds. I already made some test’s I share in the attachment:


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Whats the problem with the circuit? What output do you get?

I need to know if the circuit is right, because I have to ensure that the analogue and digital voltage supply is correct and that the ground is correctly dimensioned

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