I want to make GSM automation embedded system Project

I want to make a project regarding GSM automation and a mechanical ventilator.I am interested in this project. I am currently studying in my 4rth semester of electrical engineering. Anyone want to help me or guide me how to proceed and make a fruitful prototype.

We all are here to help you. But you have to help us first by mentioning what kind of help you need? Else no body will get want you are looking for and they may not respond. So take your time, and explain what specific help you need.

I want to make a DIY mechanical Ventilator
There must be some 3 to 4 features for different modes… I will used arduino uno for it…
After testing i will mill my own electronic circuit for it.
I want help

This is not the proper way to ask questions in the forum. Please go through topics created by other members.