Interface nokia 2626 GSM module with PIC16 microcontroller?

I have a Nokia 2626 mobile phone which I thought of using it as a gsm module.
I don’t know whether nokia2626 have serial communication pins and support AT commands at all.
If anybody got any idea of this phone pins and how to configure it with PIC16F877A,
please share it here.

I am not sure if it is possible to communicate with nokia’s gsm module since you dont know how to communicate with module. Nokia doesn’t provide any info about the communication protocol it use in its systems. You can find FBUS RX , FBUS TX , Gnd, and Vpp near the sim slot when you remove the battery case. You can connect,

FBUSRx to controller Tx
FbusTX to controller Rx
Gnd to Controller Gnd

Thanks for the replay. I made the connection as you have mentioned and send “AT” @ 9600 baud rate but no response from the module. Any idea about baud rate ? Most importantly, what about the protocol ?? How can I communicate with module ?? Any Guess ??

You are not going to get any response from the module, because you haven’t figured out how to send data data to the module yet. Every manufacturer have their own proprietary protocol for communicating with the module. Unfortunately nokia has not released any documentation regarding their protocol.

Are you saying that it is not possible to interface nokia phones with any microcontroller ? Any hope ??

Anything is possible given infinite time and money. There is no official documentation from Nokia regarding its protocols used in its propitiatory devices. But you can sniff packets through the serial bus using some techniques (I don’t know exactly how to do that ). The below-mentioned link may help to solve your issue. The link describes how to interface a Nokia 3310/5110 to an AT89C55 microcontroller. You may replace Nokia 3310/5110 in the below link with Nokia 2626 to see if it works.


Thanks @Mr.Tesla. The link has some excellent information. Thank you so much. Going to try it.