Motor and motor control

Hi everyone I wanna design brushless dc motor and motor control for thesis. Are there anybody for recommend or source?

I know I will engine driver design according to engine.They are compound.And I am read some source but if your have effective source can your share me? please

Please detail the specifications (voltage, power, motor speed). There are trapezoidal and field oriented control for this. There are ASICs with this solution implemented on chip. Otherwise you can use microcontroller and code.

There is lot of literature for this. What is your competency and experience in controls? Have you taken any courses in graduation relates to motor control? Accordingly will share links


Sorry I saw new your message.I am working on 3 phases motor and motor controller. I made motor design with use hall effect in order to found rotor possition. I used stm32f4 for code side. Now I have to try my code and motor.By the way I use to trapezoidal tecnich for commutation. First time I used I used timer 1 and timer 2 when I give the voltage to motor I can read my three phases in osiloskop but I can’t read my hall effect value why are there this problem can your help me? Have a healty day.

Accually I want to establish model in Matlab for trapezoidal commutaiton but I taken error. I could have set to foc but my software skill is not good.