MT3608L ic getting burnt

Hi everyone,
I used mt3608l booster Ic in my board to operate the solenoid valve.input voltage for booster Ic is 7v and out put should be 12v I am getting output as 12 v only but when the load present the ic getting burnt again and again I don’t know what to do ic getting burnt to much please anyone tell me the solution

Too little info here, it seems you are using a current higher than what that IC can handle. It should have a peak current or even nominal one much higher than what you expected so you may have to redesign the circuit or change the IC for a better one.

Measure the output current of the device first, then, if you give us more info like the application that you have in mind and other considerations we could give more advice.

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I am using 1.4 amps and it’s peak current is 2amps

Can you share the circuit diagram ?
And the resistance of solenoid coil.

What they mentioned in the datasheet that’s same circuit and specifications also wt they mentioned