Nrf24l01 library in python and C++ for Raspberry Pi and Arduino

I have recently purchased nrf24l01 wireless transceiver modules. I have to make it work with Raspberry Pi as a transmitter and Arduino mega as a receiver. But the problem is with the library. I need some help to find a library in python for raspberry pi and, a library in c++ for Arduino which work as Tx and Rx. Since I am new to nfr24l01 module, I am a little confused. Need some help!

For Arduino, you may use the below library,

For raspberry pi, you may use the following library,

The first one is written in C++ and the second one is written in python.



Thank you @Administrator the libraries are working very well.

Thanks, @Administrator, I have the same problem, I thought I can’t make it work on Arduino and Pi at the same time using two entirely different languages. You solved heck of my problem.