Power supply for 4 stepper motors

Hi all! I wanted u to ask, what power supply if I want to run 4 stepper motors:

First two: 3,6V and 2A
Two last: 3,6V and 1,2A
These four motors will be connected to the drivers and it will all be on the test board

REMEMBER: I want to run it with ONE power supply.

Which should I use and how to connect it with these motors? If possible, please send me the wiring diagram as well.
Thank you all

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Heya! Welcome to the forum!

Are you looking for a specific one-in-all PSU? Or are you okay with building your own?
Because if you are looking into buying a built one, I am pretty certain that there is plenty on the market. Just look for one that can meet your demand, something that will give you 3.3V+ and 7A+.
Given that we have no idea what your project is and looks like, and we don’t know what you’re trying to build, the wiring diagram might be a bit of a long shot. If you need specific type of assistance (e.g. Drawing a diagram) you will need to specify exactly what you will be using your components for. Since we’re not clerics and can’t magically see into your idea.

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Sorry , i send the schemat , which more or less describe connecting the motors to the controllers and the power supply to the test board. And if anyone wants to know, I’m making a robotic arm.

If you are planning to buy a power supply unit then get one with an output 0 ~ 30VDC and 0 ~ 5A. It’s sufficient for your project. Or, If you are planning to design your own power supply for your project, then you have to start with an initial design.

I want to buy, not create my own. Thanks for help. But there is second question: How can I connect to test board? And I’m gonna buy a modular power supply if you want to know. Could you make some diagram? For example, the diagram of connecting 4 stepper motors to the A4988 drivers , the drivers will be connected to the Arduino. But the most important thing for me will be to connect the power supply itself to the test board where the drivers will be located

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Make sure that the A4988 and the microcontroller have a common ground.


Wow , I really appreciate your help, thank you very much. I will remember about the common grounding of the Arduino and the controller