Problem designing an inverter

I am making an inverter for my upcoming projects which is using ee16 transformer the input 3vdc and I am getting 50vac but I want 230vac how can I get I am using d822 transistors

Change the transformer or increase the input

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Hi @Neel_Trivedi, Welcome to Engineer’s Asylum.

Assuming your circuit has a proportional response, the input voltage might be the main problem here.

Based on your data, to get a 230V AC output, you need an input of at least 15V (Careful, this is just math, make sure that all your components can handle such voltages before increasing the input). Also, remember that inverters dissipate lots of heat, so you will probably need to use a few heatsinks and a cooling fan.

If you need more accurate help, I’d recommend you to share a circuit diagram and a picture of your prototype so that we can have some more information.

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