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Problem in my laptop

Today I have downloaded python software on my laptop but I am facing some problem. my laptop is not working properly. It’s sometimes getting hang and sometimes the screen gets blank.

Hey Yash,

That sounds like a separate issue. I doubt Python has anything to do with it. We can maybe help you with it, but you’ll need to provide way more details than “It hangs sometime” or “Screen goes blank”. That can be cause by a lot of hardware issues.


I understand, but the laptop is not too old. only one month ago I bought it

As cisco mentioned, you have to provide more details. What is the configuration of your system? Have you updated your windows or drivers recently? last 5 software you have installed?

I suspect this topic is outside the realm of electronics & embedded systems. @staff

Hello @Yash,
This might be due to some incompatibility caused by a recent software installation. You should try to restore your system to an earlier date (this is easily done in Windows) and see if that problem persists. Installshield Wizard usually creates a restore point after each installation. You can also try to launch that IDE in compatibility mode.
In case you can confirm this is caused by the Python IDE you installed, maybe you should check out an specific software help website like StackOverflow. Our forum is dedicated to electronics and embedded systems.

In case this is a hardware issue, we will need some more accurate details.

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