Problem with a definition type from I2C protocol on stm32f407VG

Hello Everyone, I hope you’re all doing well! I am carry on with my training with CubeMX that generates code in KEIL IDE. Today I am working with STM32F407VG for a ADC implementation purpose. I want to display an analog value to the LCD from a I2C protocol in which I get the library from two files (.h and .c).

  • The problem is that : From the file .c, I get a error from a HAL function that didn’t exist before I reinstall KEIL IDE for another non important matter (please find the screen attached)

  • I do not know if the problem comes from cubemx since I have a conflict with Timer 5 (TIM5) (please find attached the screen)

I come to see if I can Have some possibilies to fix that problem with you.
Thanks in advance!!!

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Hello!!! I have solved the problem. As a matter of fact I got this problem because I did not configured the I2C protocol from CubeMX.