Project SmartDarts

Project SmartDarts

7 months ago I got myself an RPi 4B 2GB and got hooked to possibilities.
I never even coded anything (wordpress doesnt count)

Took a big bite and tried to make Smart E-darts device that records all of you games and let you review them.

Its now 90% completed and works pretty well.

It stores all of data from games (including hits) in online db (MySQL) or if in offline mode it uses SQLite to store data.

There is also a posibility to play while not registered for fun (doesnt save any data)

Also made webapp (Flask) to let users register and view all of their games. It also generates QR code that RPi can read (with camera module or attached USB cam) so you can play to save data to your profile.

Still got to add more game modes and resolve some pesky bugs.

This thing is designed to attach to virtualy any electronic dart board (supports up to 8x12 button matrix which Cyberdine uses for its proffesional dart boards)
I also have a version with no external buttons (all of control is done on GUI, but its still in early Alpha.

  • reading button matrix controlled by Raspberry Pi 4B+ 2GB (reading up to 8x12 matrix)
  • reading button presses controlled by MCP23017 (connected using I2C to RPi)
  • powering RPi directly thru GPIO pins (power supply is 5.1V, 5A)

Hope you like it and if you have any questions, be free to ask.


Cool project bro. How do you track hits?? Can you share some more pictures of the device?

But why flask, an Android app is portable and convenient I think.

I didnt know how to code, only started using python, didnt find any “newbie” solution to running python app on android.

But i agree, android app would be better. Will get there soon (I hope :slight_smile: )

Hits are read using a button matrix like in this

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Excellent work. Well, any thoughts on making it an online multiplayer? I think it’s possible with a server you could make it an online multiplayer with some graphical user interface. You have to shred some bucks every month if you want to rent a VPS. If you like to make it an online multiplayer, you may begin with a local server setup rather than a VPS, later you could port everything to a VPS.

Think about it, two or more people at different location playing the game on their own hardware at the same time.

I have thought about it and similiar functions (remote and local play support, creating turnier lists and automatic data collecting) and i have big big plans for this

For now, its possible for up to 8 players to play on same device and can save that data to DB and rewiev it.

Here is some GUI pics
X01 game

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Cant upload more that 1 pic so here is cricket game

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Very Interesting project. Is the whole project open source?

I will make a version with no input buttons, only GUI which will be open source, but i must first get rid of some pesky bugs and optimize databases, so it will be ready for open public


You can’t upload more than 1 picture, because this is your first topic. This won’t be an issue in your next topic. Contact me or @Mr.Tesla if you have trouble uploading more than one picture.

I know, got it lifted a few days ago.
Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Here are some more pics