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Python in Command Prompt not working

Background: I’m using python version 3.3.5 on Windows 10.

Problem: I’ve already edited the environmental variables list to include C:\Python33 . Doing this did not help my problem with command prompt.

Every source I can find tells me that Environmental Variables is the problem. I’ve also seen where there should be a checkbox in the installer but it isn’t available in this version.

Hi, Which operating system are you using? Linux, Mac or Windows! Can you share a screenshot of your environment path variable? Undo all changes you made in the PATH and reinstall python again. If no checkbox is available this time, take a screenshot and share it here.

Windows, i can’t provide a screen shot right now and I have done that already also what exactly should the screenshot be of the installer? Or the environmental variables?

Both. The screenshot of the environment variables and the installer as well. It’s necessary to identify the problem.