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Reverse polarity and increase the current of SMPS

Hi guys, I´m new in projects with Switching Power Supplies. I was read the EPR32.pdf and I find a device to assembly.
This project contais a output with -24v/50mA
How I can swap the voltage to positive and impruve the Iout to 1A?

Thanks to all!!

you have to rewind the transformer with the inverted polarity of the 24V output. Thicker wires, maybe even bigger size core. Bigger catch diode and bigger capacitor. A lot of modifications.

You have to redesign everything from scratch with a new transformer.

Hi guys!
I use the tool Expert-Pi to develop that schematic. Also the L1, Chocke, it´s very hard to find to buy in local store. How I can remove, swap or modificate it?

Thanks to all!!