RTOS is far better than Bare metal programming! Agree?


Hi Guys!!
Started doing a couple of projects in RTOS, I think its one of the best platform for the embedded development. Before learning RTOS, I was unaware of the fact that multitasking and preemptive scheduling is even possible in embedded controllers. If you look at the other side, bare metal very lame, it can’t win a race with RTOS. I can’t find a single advantage for bare-metal programming except for memory footprints, even though for RTOS a minimum of 32kb flash and 4kb of RAM is enough.
Also, It’s true that beginners need some time to get into RTOS since there is some OS concept involved, even though bare metal cant outreach RTOS.


I cant agree with you. Rtos concepts like preemptive scheduling can be achieved in bare metal programming by using interrupts and setting interrupt priorities.


@EEngineer You may emulate RTOS functions in bare metal programming but, it’s not even going to get close. RTOS is robust, the OS functions are well defined in RTOS. I am a huge fan of Real Time Engineers. I really admire them, for developing FreeRTOS. You definitely have to take a look at FreeRTOS. You will like it…!!


You can achieve some RTOS concept in bare metal, but its no way going to outreach RTOS. RTOS has many advantages such as availability of middleware, preemption, portability and reuse. You cant get every thing in a bare metal.


FreeRTOS is awesome. They have done an excellent job in updating and maintaining the projects. Now FreeRTOS is owned by Amazon. Who knows, how long its going to be free ???


Okay Guys!! I will take this as a challenge. I am going to learn RTOS. I am having thoughts on buying some development board for the same. Any suggestions or advice will be very helpful.


Hi @EEngineer
Sorry for the late replay. Glad, you are going to try RTOS. There are plenty of development board out there for RTOS. The STM32F0DISCOVERY, MSP430 Launchpad, MSP432 Launchpad, and LPCXpresso1769 are some of the many. The price of these boards very according to their specs. You may also try RTOS in arduino boards, but arduino doesn’t provide any official support for RTOS.


@EEngineer thanks buddy!!
I have bought TI MSP432 from https://www.fabtolab.com
Just hooked it up and run an example code to blink led and its awesome. I am really amazed by the power monitoring feature. I love this thing. Need to explore more!!