Seven Segments display issue on STM32

Hello Dears,

I’m trying desparately to make a counter (0 to 9) from Seven segments display.
I have selected one digit(knowing that there are 5 of them) to see what happens but unfirtunately I am not getting the numbers that I am expecting.
Can anyone suggest me what is going wrong?

Note : When I run my program for the first time all segment of the digit are ON which is quite surprizing to me. it means by expecting to have a 0 I have 8.


Sorry for the late response. Can you please send a picture of the output you are getting? If possible instead of screenshot post the whole code here.

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What about the seven segment display?? Is it common cathode or anode?? You have to configure your GPIO pins according to the seven segment display.

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It is a common anode one. I configured them all as outputs

And I did it according to the seven segment display.

I got the solution from this issue. Thanks for you commitment.