Si 5351 Kit for Ham Radio Operators

si 5351 is a Programmable RF signal generator, which can be programmed from a few Kilo hertz to 30 Megahertz. I want to interface si 5351 with an appropriate microcontroller ( preferably 8 / 16 bit) slightly better than AT Tiny-13 ( AT Tiny 13 has just 1KB memory, which is very insufficient) Which Micro controller Board would be appropriate to design a Kit EXCLUSIVELY for ham Radio operators using si5351 to incorporate All Band Transciever, Beat Frequency Oscillator, Variable Frequency Oscillator, Frequency Meter, SWR Meter, Volt meter, Ammeter, Antenna Tuner & Antenna Rotator. Arduino Boards do single task. Can Arduino boards do Multi tasking for all these Ham Utilities…???