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Smart Dumpster model

I’m new here.
I developed a smart Dumpster which sends data to thingspeak and can be analysed using matlab visualisation and its lids can be controlled using servo motor.
The lid on the top falls automatically when the bin is full and the lid on the bottom is operated through Blynk app.

I’m done with the prototype.
Thing is when I was trying to build a Dumpster as in attach the circuit to a cardboard box to make it seem like a dumpster the servo motor isn’t staying as in its not sticking to the lid.
And I’m not knowing what to do.
I tried everything from cello tape to hot glue.
I saw a similar project on the Instagram page and I was wondering if anyone could help
Hope I find some help here.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Himaja,
Welcome to Engineers Asylum!!

It seems like you are having a mechanical issue rather than electronics issue. There are several method to open the lid using a motor.

What motor are you using? Does the motor able to stand the weight of the lid? Can you post a pic of the current mechanism you are using to lift the lid?

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