STM32 installation


I bought the STM32F103RB developer board in order to write my program on Keil. I want to know what are the guidelines that I need in order to install all that is required to start programming?

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Download and Install Keil ARM MDK from the Keil official website. After Installation, crack open your newly install Keil MDK IDE from your desktop. Then follow the below link,

Replace the STM32F103C8 in the above link with your STM32F103RB. If you have trouble or stuck at some point, take a screenshot and post it here. I will help you.


Thanks I will do that.

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I have Begun with the STM32F103RB lately.
When I plug my microcontroller into the USB plug of my computer, the LD2 does not stop flashing. The matter is that by watching a tutorial it would not do it unless we want to execute a code that leads to that effect.

What do you think of this problem?

This is normal for a newly bought development board because a code to blink the LED LD2 is already flashed. If you flash some other code, it will stop.

Thank you Sir.

You’re right!
I already find it interesting I Hope I will Quick improve.

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