Tablet display as additional laptop display

I wanted to know what’s the best way to use a Android tablet display as an extended screen for my laptop. I don’t want to burden my graphic card a lot on it, and i don’t want a huge screen either. So I feel a tablet display would be perfect. But i can’t find any drivers for the same. What shall I do?

You may not be able to make work an Android display
on windows/Linux pc most of the time. For this display to work you have to write your own display driver or the display has to support generic driver available with in the operating system or the display vendor has provide official driver packages for that particular operating system. You may write your own display driver but for that you need to have the datasheet of that particular display. If it’s a proprietary display, you may not get that too. In short what you are going to do is a tedious business unless some official support from the vendor is not there.