Trace : "No synchronization" on KEIL

Hi Everyone!
I recently got started with Cubemx that generated me a code to KEIL IDE. The target is to blink a led from a breadboard by using a stm32f103RDT6.

I found out that in the debug mode, the following message : “Trace : no Synchronization” that’s why I think my led is not blinking from a breadboard. Well, by checking that information in internet, I found how to solve it. As a matter of fact, the internet information tells me that I need to verify the setting “Core clock” matches the actual processor core clock of my target system.

Do you have some idea about what the processor core clock of the target system is?
Is there a mistake linked with my clock configuration in CubeMX?

PS : another information is that I use the st-link/V2/01-0

1- A screen of the debugging :

2- A pinout & configuration screen :

3- A RCC configuration screen:

4- A Clock configuration screen :

5- My code in keil :

6- The Xtal screen :

7- My trace tab screen :

8- The problem in debug mode screen :

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

You have configured your the clock at 72MHz. I am not familiar with this error but can you try with a lower clock speed at 8 MHz. Is there any crystal oscillator on your board? If so you have configure accordingly.

Yes, there is a crystal oscillator of 8MHZ.

I have configured at 8MHZ but still have the same problem : “Trace : no synchronization”

It seems like you have selected ULINK2 as your debugger. Try, ALT-F7 Key and select the Debug tab. See, you have STlink debugger selected there.

Thanks for your feedback, but I selected a stlink as debugger

Try ALT-F7 Key and select the Debug tab. Then take a screenshot of the debug window and share it here.

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Click on the Settings icon in the above image and see if their is an option enable/disable Trace. Post a screenshot of the window.

If your are not using Trace, uncheck Trace Enable and Try run the program.

I do not kwo what does “trace” mean or represente. by the way while running, the stlink is blinking my led on the breadboard is not blinking and what is sure is that I do not have a “trace: no synchronization” error anymore.

I have a little light from my led but it is not blinking at all. I will try to change the resistance value.

SWV or Serial Wire Tracing is an advanced feature offered by STlink for debugging. You may read more about SWV from below link.

If you have successfully flashed the code, the issue may be with be with your code. See the output log and see if flashing is successful.

I think my code is good but the led is still not blinking.

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thanks for the previous link

If the code flashing is good, you may close this topic and open a new topic for the blinking issue.

yes thanks. I will do that.

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