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Ultrasonic bath circuit

Hello. please tell me the generator circuit for an ultrasonic bath, otherwise it doesn’t want to work on ir2153 and tl494 … Thank you so much!

So you need a design for an ultrasonic generator? What are the specifications you would like to have in your design? Like, output power, input voltage, frequency range, thermal overload protection etc. Please add more details. If you have a design, you can share with us so that it’s very easy for other members to suggest solutions.

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Hello again. I am using a Langevin ultrasound transducer. the operating frequency of the generator for the converter is 40 kHz. in some places I saw that the lower frequency threshold is 30kHz, the upper one is 80-90 kHz. With the generator on ir2153 I could not achieve stable operation, I changed the details - it did not help. with tl494 the same situation. I ask for a working and reliable generator circuit for an ultrasonic transducer. if you have one, please show …

I am not familiar with the ultrasonic bath. Hey, @Cisco can you help him?

Sorry for waiting, but I had to do some research around this. Also need to make sure I understood your question correctly.
You need a Circuit Diagram for how to make your own Ultrasonic bath?

The included image is the only thing I found online that resembles a circuit.
I also found some articles suggesting that using ir2153 might not be the best idea for this task, none suggested alternative though.
I think that if you surf in the underbelly of YouTube you can probably find someone using Langevin’s transducer for the same purpose you do and even tho they probably won’t show you any circuit diagrams, you can try and reverse engineer from their videos. I’ll be searching for them as well and if I find any I will forward you the link here. If it’s urgent, however, I suggest you go with trial-and-error approach and figure what works, and try not to fry your equipment!