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What Is The Difference Between a Machine and a Device?

The other day while I was in my online classes our teacher asked is what us the difference between a device and a Machine I said a Machine is built to perform a particular task and doesn’t always need instructions to work where as a device can perform multiple activities and needs instructions in order to perform .my teacher was satisfied with this answer but I wasn’t please tell me the details

In simple terms, a machine is anything that reduces cost, time, and human effort. Its a tool with a specific function, designed to do one or more operation together. The machine performs specific functions by using mechanical, chemical, electrical and thermal energy or even by the motorised process. Machines supply power to the device. For examples, machines are vehicles, engine, carburettor, generator and so on.

On the other hand, a device is a piece of equipment or gadget which we use to calculate any kind of required measurement like a thermometer. Usually, the words machine and device are interchangeable. It is illuminating to look at two situations where they cannot be interchanged.

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