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Which 3D printer should I buy?

Hey guys, I’m Alex. I’ve been recently checking out some 3D printer models to buy, but the problem is that there are lots of new brands and models out there (many of them with interesting specs and prices). So, I guess it would be a good idea to create a reference with models you guys have bought, tried or even found interesting.

Just post your answer with a pic of the model you reccomend and some basic info:

  • Brand and model

  • Price (preferably € or $)

  • Maximum printing volume (height x width x depth, e.g: 225x225x250 mm)

  • Frame material (Steel, Aluminum, ABS)

  • (Optional) Rate this machine (e.g: 7/10)

  • You can also add some specs you find necessary to emphasize (e.g: RGB touch panel incorporated)

(This is my first post so, sorry if I’m making some mistakes :sweat_smile:)

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I’m gonna start with this one:

  • # ANYCUBIC I3 Mega

  • 229$/ 230€

  • 210x210x205 mm

  • Frame material: Steel

  • I’d give it a 8/10

  • 3.5" TFT touchscreen.

What would be the price range for the machine?

Well, the maximum price would be preferably around 350€ / 360$

So, I’ve seen people boasting around with “Creality” printers and giving them a good name.

They’re relatively cheap and have good reviews.
There’s a Crealiy Ender 3 Pro that I’ve heard is pretty good and am actually considering it for myself to print stuff for electronics.

Price, right now, is on sale $200 down from $250.
It prints at a decent 220 x 220 x 250mm and you can use a variety of materials to print with.

Machine size is 440 x 410 x 465 mm so it’s rather compact for a 3D printer, it can print at quite a high speed, tho it might have some trouble keeping the print full.

Operates at both US and EU voltage. It should be steel or aluminium frame, not sure right now, but shouldn’t be plastic (or ABS).

For beginners this would be a great machine, not much money, not too hard to assemble and you get to make parts for your electronics or if you’re on the artistic side, you get to make figurines :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’d give it a solid 7.


That looks like an interesting option @Cisco, this printer was one of the options I was considering.
Metal frame, not really expensive, reasonable size and with a relatively neat cable management. I’ll check out some other specs of this one (like printing precision, working temperature and more technical stuff).

Let’s carry on with this guys.

The Finder 3D Printer from Flashforge is a good option. Its has a sturdy plastic alloy construction with a slide-in build plate. No need to setup, comes pre-build. Has a 3.5-inch touchscreen panel. Supports Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB and has flash drive connectivity. Provides cloud-based support for remote printing. Noise is far less when compared to other 3d printers available in the market (less than 50 dB). But you have to compromise on build volume, the build volume of this device is 140 L X 140 W X 140 H mm. This thing has a Google review of 4.3 out of 5. Costs around $350.

But, you may try the Crealiy Ender 3 Pro, the one mentioned by @Cisco. It perfectly suits your specification. My personal preference is the red monster because it comes pre-build with less noise, offers cloud support and I am ready to compromise on build volume.

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Thanks for your contribution @Administrator, this one is another nice option. The only disadvantage I see is the smaller printing volume (which is more common in pre-built printers, I suppose). But the low noise emission makes it attractive. Also, the assembling process is not a problem for me.

Let’s keep this going

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There are pre-build printers with your desired printing volume, but its much more expensive.

How can I forget? We are all engineers! :sweat_smile:
Update us once you have finalised your product.

I found the below link interesting. It’s cheap and has a high print volume. I have not gone through other specification. Chinese e-commerce websites are worth looking for cheap products!

Wow, the “color mixing” model looks like a nice temptation. I’ve only seen such stuff at my college’s labs, while working with double extruder printers (amazing machines I can’t afford by now) but never in cheap machines like that one.

You definitely raised my expectations about chinese 3D printers!

I’ve checked out some chinese online shops like Aliexpress, but are them reliable when it comes to warranty and stuff like that? (I can fix the machine in case it’s necessary, but if I’m gonna invest a reasonable amount on this, I wanna make sure it will last more than just a few months)

Keep it going guys, I’m finding really interesting machines in your answers.

I’ll post some more models I’ve been checking out.

@Alex I can vouch that Ali is going to deliver the product to you in a stable, working condition, and that you have a refund policy that they take seriously. But it’s unlikely that any product you buy will have a warranty given the manufactures are mass producing and mass selling these things. At best you can get a replacement or a refund in case something happens. But they for sure won’t fix the old one and send it back :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s exactly what I was tinking about aliexpress. I’ve never really bought anything on Aliexp that required to worry about warranty, so that’s the origin of my doubt. But looking at the prices, maybe it’s worth taking the chance.

Anyway, I’ll be posting if I see some more interesting machines with reasonable prices.