Which brand of embedded industrial control machine monitor is good?

HMI display is the most intuitive way to enhance the human-computer interaction experience, when buying industrial displays, we will compare from a number of brands, many materials, and prices, the material of the display is none other than the most common LED screen and LCD screen, but specifically to the same price, how to see through the screen itself to see the quality of this display is good or bad.

In the selection, no matter how beautiful the industrial display manufacturers say the product, technical indicators, and the actual performance of the screen are often not the same, so “seeing is believing” is the most important.

For some buyers who do not have much expertise in industrial touch screen products, the easiest way is to look at it and feel comfortable which is the best effect. If the first look at the screen feels blurred, unclear fonts, eye discomfort, the quality is certainly not good, you need to think again when buying!

If you want to distinguish whether the industrial display is in line with industrial-grade, there are actually many steps, such as brightness and contrast, bright spot, high and low temperature, operating life, viewing angle, etc. through a multi-faceted analysis to reach a correct conclusion!

Today I have selected several display products that I have used to do a comparison of product performance parameters and the experience of using each product.

A brief introduction to the display manufacturers.


Founded in 1998, Winstar is an internationally renowned OLED, TFT, LCD, and system integration manufacturer and panel solution provider. Mainly doing LCD displays, TFT modules, OLED, System Integration (System Integration) consumer and industrial display panel manufacturing, and research and development.


Buydisplay is a global display manufacturer located in China and has been a global business designing, manufacturing, and selling a wide range of displays for small to large companies since 2003, which includes many Tier 1 multinational companies. Buydisplay is committed to providing a variety of market-compliant LCD and OLED products to meet your needs. buydisplay not only offers a wide range of standard TN, HTN, STN and FSTN dot matrix LCD displays and SMT, COB and COG type OLED displays, but also custom designed LCD and OLED displays for special applications.


STONE is one of the top display manufacturers in the field of industrial intelligence. And they provide first-class products and professional technical services to customers all over the world.

Beijing STONE Technology co., ltd was established in 2010 and is dedicated to the manufacturing and R&D of high quality intelligent TFT LCD display modules.

So far, STONE has provided customized display solutions to more than 3000 customers worldwide. STONE TFT LCD modules are widely acclaimed for their quality and performance.


Dwin is a high-tech enterprise focusing on human-computer interaction solutions. It has gradually realized the leap from the research and development of smart screen applications to the integration of the whole industry chain based on IC design. Dwin insists on changing lives with technology, continuously creating value for customers, sticks to the corporate philosophy of “win-win with people and grow together”, and strives for the goal of “a comprehensive technology enterprise widely recognized by the society”.


Nextion was founded in 2017 and focuses on human-machine interface (HMI) solutions.

The use of the major brands of display evaluation


Winstar has many applications in the industry. We can also design and produce the display you want according to your needs, which is very good for differentiation. But the minimum order quantity is very large, which makes me crazy.

In addition, their display power supply range is relatively narrow, only about 3.3V, which will need to do in the large circuit design buck processing. The communication method is I2C interface communication, which will be a bit more troublesome than UART communication.

Since the production volume of my customer’s product is not very high, the price of the same quality product is slightly higher than other brands, and I gave up this brand for cost consideration.


Buydisplay, a mall where you can place your own orders. There are many models to choose from and the price is right, so it is one of my favourite brands. However, the shield and SD card do not work together in the test. The documentation is a bit confusing. It took me a lot of time to solve these problems. I tried to find some tutorials on the internet and I noticed that there are many tutorials on youtube and the update time is very new. The problem of confusing documentation made me have some distrust in their work. So I’m going to try another brand, and if I don’t come across the right product, I’ll choose to use this brand of the display to complete my project.


STONE Displays

STONE LCD display, I bought their STVC series of products.

Due to the project at hand, the function of playing HD video is needed, the video effect played by STVC is not satisfactory, STONE staff recommended me their new product STW series, the new product supports a variety of high frame rate windows and control animations, and the font display is in ttf format vector font.

There are also some features that will be open in the future, such as networking, online product updates, online GUI design, etc. I told them I didn’t want to spend extra money to buy a new product for testing, and they agreed to send me a new product for free for testing.

The STONE display brought me a big surprise, the product looks very simple and high-tech. Audio and video support 720P 30Hz high frame rate video / WAV lossless audio playback, up to 65000 audio and video files. The command control of the software uses JSON code and HEX code, which is easy to expand and easy to get started.

Unfortunately, I learned online that stone products are updated too often, worried about the stability of the product, I intend to stone display also as a product to be selected.

DWIN Display

The DWIN Display can implement common simple functions; however, when implementing some complex functional logic, it involves the need for secondary development of this piece, which needs to be developed by both DWIN OS Builder (assembly) and DWIN C Compiler (c compiler).

This display supports UART-TTL communication, which is also a good choice, but of course, it would be better if it was only RS232.

Due to the previous exposure to STONE Designer, GUI design software use up the component features are very rich. It makes me lazy and not willing to do some complicated development work.

Nextion display

There are a lot of amateurs on the internet sharing a lot of tutorials about nextion display. I bought a nextion basic series display because of the cheap price and found that the quality of the product is not as good as other brands of raw materials. It is okay to do simple DIY, but it can only be limited to simple DIY. When it comes to customer development products, especially the working temperature requirement, it is only about -10 to 50 degrees Celsius, the screen itself comes with small internal storage space, the hardware configuration of the product looks like it needs to be improved, and there are many functional limitations in the software. I plan to turn it out on eBay. Please search the used nextion display on eBay, I am using a 3.5" nextion display.

Next I will do a simple comparison of the parameters of the monitors of these brands for your reference.