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Which oscilloscope I should buy?


Hey guys!!
I’m looking to buy a cheap second-hand oscilloscope. I’m going to use It in basic proyects to learn. The frequency will be between 20-30 MHz. I don’t want to spend so much money (I can spend 100-150€)
I search in some pages some oscilloscopes. I need help to choose the best ( If someone has better options, please link).



Hi, First of all welcome to Engineer’s Asylum!!
I am unable to open the second link!
If you are looking for an oscilloscope for basic usage, you may opt for an usb oscilloscope. You may try the hantek 6022BE, which is 20Mhz, 2 channel oscilloscope. The price is with in your budget.

Or, you may go for a Owon VDS1022I USB PC Oscilloscope which is a 25Mhz 2 channel oscilloscope. The price for this one also with in your budget.

Or you may try, this one which I find in ebay, just a while ago. This one seems to be an used one. But for the price its a better option. Its a 70Mhz oscilloscope.


It’s a good offer for less than $100. It will be great if it’s a digital oscilloscope. But for normal use this one is more than enough.


Thanks for the recommedations I will check the USB oscilloscopes, but probably I will go for the analog oscilloscope.


I agree with @Mr.Tesla.The Tekronix 150Mhz oscilloscope seems to best for that price. The USB oscilloscopes are mostly preferred by hobbyists due to its simplicity and portability.