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A Doctor Machine

There are some basic symptoms or body parts that a doctor examines to check diseases for example urine,spit,body temprature,pulse rate, blood pressure etc so I was thinking that we should create a device that can measure all this and then we would put up some data in it about various diseases basically the same that is given to students in an MD degree so after examining the symptoms/body parts the device will then run it through the database that is fed to it and then display the possible diseases or if we can make it that precise the exact disease a person has

@Cisco @Alex @Administrator please give your views

It’s a good idea. It might work for some very basic medical diagnostics (not for the complex ones because those require real human experience as a doctor). For this, an illness should be a pack including a few parameters (temperature, blood presure, etc…)

After the “machine” has collected all the patient’s measurable parameters, the program would compare those parameters with the ones in the database and would come up with the illness that matches with the patient’s body parameters.

This would be the perfect thing to implement using AI (imagine if the machine could learn patient by patient, giving more accurate diagnostics, trying to learn like a human doctor, or even using a second database to reccomend possible medications)

Yeah if AI is used it May even replace doctors some day that is if I’m able to make it