Battery charger problem


Hi all
I’m having problems :-1:
Does Anybody know if the charger below is suitable for charging a 36v 1000w quad?
The quad runs off 3 x 12v batteries each as follows
(12v 12AH)
Constant current charge 1.5- 2.0A
Constant Voltage charge 14.7- 14.9v
Constant Floating voltage 13.7- 13.9v
Converting current 350- 400mA

The charging unit - Jincheng Model HBC-03
Input Ac 80-240v 50/60Hz
Output Dc 36v. Max 1.6A
Equal changing voltage: 44.5+_0.2v
Floating change voltage: 41.5+_0.2v

Any comments will be a great help
Thanks in advance


Hi @Matty_Whewell

Charging batteries is usually a bit more complicated. In your case, I see no damage in using those charging unit. You may see a little delay in charging due to 350- 400mA current draw. I think your quad has all the protection circuit to handle every thing when battery get full charged.



Thank you for your input, I thought as much but wanted further advice as I have two of these charging units, the first one blew the circuit apart when I plugged it in :boom:.

Always good to double check before plugging in again.


@Matty_Whewell I think you should measure the output voltage from the charging unit using a multimeter. Are you using a Li-ion or Li-polymer battery or any other ? Update with measured output voltage!!


Hi all
the battery is a Yuasa 12v 12Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Will update post when I have measured the output voltage of the charger


Hi! I though you were using a Li-ion battery. :astonished: My bad.
Anyway, whats the type of connection you choose, is it a parallel or a series connection?
It is bad to charge batteries in series, as it can cause uneven charging, polarity problems, and potential damage. It is better to charge each battery individually using a 12v charger. Also, some 12v battery needs a 13.7v charger for charging. Its better you charge them individually and the charger you mentioned in your post is bad for charging a 12v battery individually.