ESPNow protocol for one to many master slave communication

How many slaves can be connected to a master using espnow protocol, in one to multiple one way communication

In the ESP-NOW protocol, used primarily with ESP32 and ESP8266 modules, the number of slaves that can be connected to a master in a one-to-many communication setup depends on the specific hardware and software constraints.

For the ESP32, typically, the limit is around 20 slaves connected to a single master. This limit is set by the ESP-NOW protocol’s underlying management of peer connections and memory constraints. However, for the ESP8266, this number might be lower due to its more limited resources.

Keep in mind that these numbers can vary based on specific firmware versions and configurations. Also, while you might be able to connect to many devices, the actual performance might decrease as you add more slaves, due to increased management overhead and potential for message collisions.

In simpler terms, think of it like being in a room where you (the master) can talk to a group of friends (the slaves). In a small room (ESP8266), you might only manage to talk to a few friends effectively. In a bigger room (ESP32), you can talk to more friends, but the more friends you add, the harder it gets to manage the conversation and make sure everyone hears you clearly.