How to control 12 v dc motor using arduno uno

I want to control 12 v 755 dc motor using arduno uno and HC05 bluetooth module what should I do I am a beginner

Hey Shreyash, welcome to the forum!

I guess, as a beginner, the safest bet would be for you to use a relay and wire the motor through external power supply. That way you are safe from frying your Arduino (Even though the tolerance should keep it safe, but no need to test it).

If you have never done anything with Arduinos and/or electrical systems you should get yourself familiar with that before attempting to design any.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask and we will try to answer as best as possible to get you going with your project!

Edit: I made an oversight and didn’t see you mentioned the Bluetooh module. If I remember correctly that BT Module isn’t tolerant of 12v so you will have to use relays, or voltage step-downs so you don’t fry it. If your plan is to control it only via one Arduino, you might need a BT transceiver on both ends (Motor and Arduino). If you are planning on controlling it via mobile app or some other medium, then you can use Arduinos 5v and data pins to control the BT module.