Looking for indexes to develop CANBUS driver (extended id) on STM32

Hi everyone!!!

I want to develop a canbus driver (extended id) on stm32 but I do not find indexes on the datasheet. Can someone give me some piece of advice to start with?

Thanks in advance!

Could you elaborate, please? What indexes are you taking about? The CubeMx comes with the CAN driver out of the box. Why do you want to write your own driver??

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I am may be wrong but drivers are not enough to write a code. May be some additional items will be needed like specific HAL.

The STM32 CubeMx comes with all the APIs for CAN communication. All you have to do is configure the CAN accordingly.

You can use HAL_CAN_Transmit() and HAL_CAN_Receive() for CAN transmission and reception.

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Okay, thanks! I will follow cubeMX CAN driver instrustions.