Practical Generative AI for Beginners

Practical Generative AI for Beginners.

At the end of this video you will learn how to make your own AI application. You will learn how to put your application into production.

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1: Getting started

2: Deployment

3: Neural net foundations

4: Natural Language (NLP)

5: From-scratch model

6: Random forests

7: Collaborative filtering

8: Convolutions (CNNs)

9: Stable Diffusion

10: Diving Deeper

11: Matrix multiplication

12: Mean shift clustering

13: Backpropagation & MLP

14: Backpropagation

15: Autoencoders

16: The Learner framework

17: Initialization/normalization

18: Accelerated SGD & ResNets

19: DDPM and Dropout

20: Mixed Precision

21: DDIM

22: Karras et al (2022)

23: Super-resolution

24: Attention & transformers

25: Latent diffusion

Bonus: Data ethics

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