PWM using Mosfet on STM32

Hello Everyone.

I want to use PWM signal to dim a bulb through a power mosfet in wich the gate will be connected to one pin of the stm32 board.
I have watched a tutorial in wich the man used the arduino board. In that video I discovered that arduino pins suplly 5V. That was great in order to make the mosfet on.
The matter is that I want to make the same application by using a STM32 board knowing that his pins voltage supply are 3.3V.

How can I do?
Wich kind of mosfet Do I need to use?

Thanks in advance!!

Can you please share the video here?

Here is the link

You have to consider following factors before choosing the MOSFET:

The voltage and current rating of the MOSFET:
You will need to choose a MOSFET that is capable of handling the voltage and current levels that your application requires. This will depend on the specific bulb that you are using, as well as the power supply that you will be using to drive the MOSFET.

The threshold voltage of the MOSFET:
You will need to choose a MOSFET with a gate threshold voltage that is compatible with the 3.3V output of the STM32. This will ensure that the MOSFET can be fully turned on with the available gate drive voltage.

The switching speed of the MOSFET:
For PWM applications, it is important to choose a MOSFET with a fast switching speed so that the MOSFET can switch on and off quickly in response to the PWM signal. This will help to ensure that the bulb’s brightness can be accurately controlled.

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Thanks I got it.
I found information that I needed