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Suggest electronic project using charger circuit

Suggest me any electronic project using a JIO charger circuit

Hello @Yash, Welcome to our community.

What you have is a mobile phone battery charging circuit. Basically, it has an input of 220V AC (or 125V, depends on the country) and an output of 3.5 to 5V DC.

This circuit converts the AC signal from the socket into a DC signal with a lower voltage so that the battery can be charged without exploding.

It contains a few elements you can re-use for other projects:

  • Full wave rectifier bridge (basically built out of 4 diodes, turns an AC wave into a wave with no negative voltage cycles)

  • Filtering capacitors(those convert the positive current wave into a smooth and flat DC voltage line)

  • Transformer

  • Connectors

You can use this circuit as a power source for whatever that runs on 3.5-5 VDC

Some ideas:

  1. An arduino controlled colour mixing lamp (a cool decoration for your desk, you just need an arduino and some RGB leds, you can find lots of prototypes on YouTube).

  2. A wireless mobile charger (its technical name is “inductive charger”) (this might be a little complex but totally worth it, you’ll need some copper wire(easily found in old transformers) and a few more basic components)

Here is a basic schematic I found:


Seen on Pinterest.

Feel free to ask whatever.


Thank u for ur guidance Alex

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